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+39 345 716 0374
Office Italy

+39 345 716 0374
Office Italy
Our American staff will constantly take care of you
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We give you the certainty to trust us!
We have a very trustworthy American staff that will be by your side throughout your stay and your treatment. The sooner you get Neridronate Treatment, the greater the chance of experiencing relief from pain. Listen to our interviews with patients that have come to Italy. Check out their feelings and their moods, this is what they think of the extraordinary journey we have provided for them and their families. Our staff will be caring for you at all times, as competent interpreters with the physicians, all the way to helping you set up a tour to see this beautiful country.

Ronald Rossi – New York
Meet Ronald Rossi from New York, he has had CRPS on his right wrist for 1 year before he found us, here is what he has to say!
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